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I’m starting a new category for small updates since i think writing full articles will bore people, basically to start off this new series of articles i wanted to quickly talk about Firefox now supporting CSS3 transformations. WebKit has supported this feature for a while now because they have primarily dedicated themselves to been the leader of mastering the CSS3 web technology, however vendors such as Firefox and Opera are hitting back and slowing driving forward to achieve the same level of standards that Google Chrome and Safari lead in.

Firefox however are hitting their goals a lot faster with the new release cycle they have going, because of this cycle they have been under abnormal pressure to ensure the features they implement are bug free and work like they should gives them an advantage because they have the use of the nightly builds to ensure when the BETA build comes around that features such as CSS3 transformations work like they should.

I give a big thumbs up to Firefox for finally getting this feature implemented and hope to see sites with demos update them soon so others can see the power of animations using nothing but CSS3.

Thanks for reading.

Firefox 7 BETA released

Well as we all know Firefox has started popping out releases every few months now and with no exception Aurora 7 is now Firefox 7 BETA, this release contains 1242 bug fixes and enhancements since the previous 4, 5 & 6 releases. For the full list of bugs that were fixed please see the following link

Here is what Firefox have put in the release notes as to issues they have fixed:

To get your copy of Firefox 7 visit the BETA channel otherwise click the following link

Firebug 1.8.0 final released

The final release of Firebug 1.8 has been released and with it comes some new features for improved debugging, the team has had there hands full and with the final release of 1.8 comes a much more stable UI and back end and resource friendly edition to the Firebug family. So lets not waste anymore time and get stuck into those new features… Read more…

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