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CSS-Tricks Screencast #105

Chris Coyier shows us the benefits of using Sprite Cow which is a one of a kind online tool that allows us to see image positions within a sprite without the need to manually collect all the values in Photoshop for example, because of its power Chris decides to integrate sprites for browser support for a new of area of CSS-Tricks which will be public within the next month.


So Chris Coyier posted a screencast about responsive web design which i am aware of and know how to use but when it comes to re-arranging pre-existing web designs i am hopeless as i don’t have the creative wisdom that most others do, never the less i want to share what i know about the topic and how you can use it to do some pretty cool stuff in modern browsers and on most mobile devices.

To start off with we will simply create a basic website with a headline and an introduction paragraph, lets say our boss want’s the paragraph when its 900 pixels or less wide to become smaller in size. To do this we simply create a new media query that’s set to detect when the browsers max-width is 900 pixels wide and then does some JavaScript like change to update the font size for the introduction paragraph. Read more…

Today Chris Coyier well known for his public talks about pseudo selectors in CSS3 has brought us a video explaining his thoughts on how to write very lightweight markup using HTML5, the topic is very heated and a lot of debate still rages on about the correct ways to write semantic HTML5 markup but at the end we all achieve the result we seek.

In the video Chris dives into his true thoughts about what he believes makes great and lightweight semantic markup by taking a PSD and picturing it as plain text code in an HTML file, without further a due click the below link and hope you enjoy the video as much as i did.

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